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1. Purchase of this ticket entitles its holder to attend the event therein (hereinafter referred to as “the Event”) subject to compliance with these terms, conditions of operation of the event venue and any other conditions that may arise. put by the company “MGT PRODUCTIONS ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΙΚΕ” with no. GEMI 136964103000 and VAT. 800696420 (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”). The purchase of the ticket and the entry of the spectator to the Event implies the unconditional acceptance of all the conditions below. Persons under the age of seventeen (17) will not be allowed to enter the Event without adult accompaniment.
2. The ticket is valid for a single entry into the Event at the date and time of the Event and is valid only if it has been sold from an official point of sale. Exchanging, reselling and any trading of tickets is prohibited. Tickets purchased for business, commercial, advertising or other purpose without the approval of the Organizer may be canceled at any time. Tickets purchased in any way (cashier – telephone – internet) cannot be refunded or changed under article 3ιβ παρ. ιβ Ν. 2251/1994. The Organiser does not replace stolen or lost tickets or bears any responsibility in the event that a stolen or lost ticket is used by another person. The Organiser recognizes as the holder of the ticket the first person to present it at the entrance and cannot determine whether it was a product of theft or fraud.
3. The Organiser may prohibit the entry of persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who carry bottles or other dangerous or flammable objects, who bear racist, religious, sexist and sports team symbols, who for any reason may be considered dangerous for the safety of other viewers or the event site, who are considered offensive to other spectators or at risk of causing incidents, even if they are the ticket holders. In the event that any of these reasons occur later on, the Organiser will be allowed to remove the ticket holder from the event site, without refunding the ticket.
4. The Organiser shall not be liable for any disputes between spectators, damage or loss of viewers’ personal belongings at the event site, or for any other act or omission that does not concern the Organiser and its staff.
5. Spectators must comply with the instructions of the security personnel and the organizers’ representatives on security matters. In the event of non-compliance causing the spectator any injury or damage, the spectator that he or she expressly disclaims any claim against the Organiser. Crowd surfing as well as any other act that may endanger the safety of spectators, the Organiser’s staff or concert equipment is expressly prohibited. Any non-compliance by the spectator to the instructions of the Organiser’s staff will constitute a reason to expel the spectator without refunding his ticket and the Organiser expressly reserves the right to exercise all of its legal rights.
6. The Organizer will not allow ticket holders to bring food, beverages or drinks into the Event Area.
7. Bringing and using audiovisual recording media in the event site (for video recording, photographing, audio recording of the event or part thereof) is prohibited. The ticket holder accepts the possibility of checking his personal belongings in the context of the above prohibitions and not being allowed to enter the event site or to be made to leave the event site without refund of his ticket, subject to the Organizer reserving its rights.
8. Pets or other animals will not be allowed to enter the event site with the exception of guide dogs of blind and disabled spectators and in accordance with applicable law.
9. In the case of postponement of the Event for reasons of force majeure, failure of artists to perform or for other reasons (e.g. organizational), the Organiser reserves the right to change the date, time and venue of the Event or its schedule, by informing the public via its website and/or mass media. Should the artist perform within 180 days of their scheduled appearance, then the ticket holder of the Revoked Event will be able to use his ticket on the new event day, designated by the Organiser. In this case, all tickets will be valid as they are and will not be refunded.
10. In the case of cancellation of the event, tickets will be refunded (in total or partially) within a specified period, as announced at the Organizer’s website and/or mass media. The refund will happen under the condition of definitive inability of the artist(s) to perform within the above mentioned 180 days period. The spectator agrees that the Organiser is under no obligation to indemnify him for any expense or damage other than his ticket price.
11. In the event of termination and cancellation of the Event for reasons of force majeure, at least thirty-five (35) minutes after its commencement, it shall be deemed complete and shall not be repeated on any other date. In this case, the Organiser will not be obliged to refund the ticket price. Especially in the case that the Event is held in an open / non-covered area, the spectator acknowledges that the Organiser has no responsibility to cover the event site, in the event of rain or other weather conditions and the spectator must be prepared for such conditions.
12. In the event that the same ticket ensures entry / attendance to multiple concerts, performances, happenings etc (i.e. during a Festival Day), the Festival Ticket is independent of the performace and participation of a particular artist, whose performance may change, or be postponed, or replaced or cancelled if he is unable to perform for reasons unrelated to the Organiser. Therefore any change in an artist’s Festival Day appearance or even the eventual cancellation of the appearance of any artist who was announced in the line-up of a specific Festival Day is not automatically a reason for cancellation of the Ticket or reduction of the Ticket Price, provided that it is not the fault of the Organizer.
13. Owning this ticket does not entitle the holder to receive any additional free benefits unless expressly provided or announced by the Organiser. Buying products from the bars is optional.
14. Spectators are informed that the Event may be photographed / videotaped / videotaped for use of the Organiser for promotional purposes. If they do not want to be included in these photographs / video recordings / filmings, spectators are invited to stay away from the locations where the above actions will take place. Members of the public appearing in the photos/videos will have no requirements from the company conducting the filming or from the Organiser.
15. All disputes relating to these terms, their interpretation and application and any dispute that may arise from the purchase of the ticket from the Organiser and from the presence of the ticket holder at the Event, are governed by Greek law and the buyer/ owner of the Ticket agrees with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athenian courts.

For any further information, contact tel. 00302109636489, post to address: G. Gennimata No. 59-61, Glyfada, Athens and the electronic contact form of the website