Reminder to change your ticket to EJEKT 2022 until 29*/10/21 to ensure same zone and price and more options.

Options for ticket holders of EJEKT 2020 & 2021:

A) Ticket holders of EJEKT Festivals 2020 and 2021, in order to secure their new ticket for EJEKT 2022 at the same category of zone and price with their old ticket, must until Friday 29* October 2021 visit the page  where they will renew their ticket, without any extra cost.
(Announced 13/10/21)

After 29*/10/2021 they can still renew their EJEKT 2020 & 2021 tickets to EJEKT 2022 tickets, pending availability of zone and price categories.


B) If you do not wish to attend EJEKT 2022, you can convert your EJEKT 2020 & 2021 tickets into a credit note (Voucher) by visiting this page:

To see all shows your voucher could be redeemed at, please visit our events page here.

The voucher is valid until 30/09/2022. If it is not used by this date and in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Law 4708/2020, the holder is entitled and the organizer is obliged to pay to the holder a sum equal to the value of the voucher by 30/11/2022, according to current legal framework.

Learn more about the Voucher at Ejekt Festival’s tickets page, under the section Terms and Conditions of Voucher.

*updated 21/10/21