Saturday 24 September 2022

For the first time in Panathenaic Stadium (Kallimarmaro), Athens

From Norway to Greece with Love


On the evening of September 24th, Madrugada will perform at Kallimarmaro Stadium in Athens with “one of our own” girls, the 25-year-old Greek-Norwegian singer, Amanda Tenfjord.

Music, a bridge-building force

Through the decades, a bright musical rainbow has been connecting Greece and Norway, a glowing, wonderfully seductive, everlasting rainbow like the mythical bridge “Bifröst”, which – according to Norse mythology – is the one that connects Earth to Asgard, the mythical kingdom of the gods, located in the middle of the world, high in the sky.

Madrugada, as modern-day Scandinavian “bridge-builders”, along with Amanda, will light up the autumn evening of September 24th with their ethereal, ultra-Nordic soundscapes.



Ticket prices start at 35 euros, reaching to 85 euros. Specifically:

General admittance – Tiers: 35 euros

General admittance – Arena: 45 euros

Golden Arena: 70 euros

VIP A & VIP B: 85 euros

Ticket resellers charge administration fees depending on their invoice