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Due to the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, the Henry Rollins: Good To See You 2022 European tour is canceled. Thus, Henry Rollins’ Athenian show will not take place.

Ticket refunds will start on January the 13th 2022.

For ticket holders who bought their tickets via credit/debit card, the process will happen automatically.

Ticket holders who bought their tickets with cash at any of the physical points of sale must contact the production company at tel. 2109636489 or email at [email protected] by January 21st of 2022.

Info: 2109636489



Votanikos Live Stage


GOOD TO SEE YOU 2022 tour


In describing Henry Rollins, the tendency is to try to squeeze as many labels as possible into a single sentence. “Rollins is many things,” says The Washington Post, “diatribist, confessor, provocateur, humorist, even motivational speaker…his is an enthusiastic and engaging chatter.”

Rollins returns with the announcement of his Good To See You 2022 tour.

On the Good To See You 2022 tour Henry will faithfully recount the events of his life in the brief pre-COVID period since the last tour and when things got even stranger over the last several months. It’s been an interesting time to say the least and he’s got some great stories to tell.


VIP: 40€
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Zone C: 32€
Zone D: 24€

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Votanikos Live Stage Address: Kassandras 19 (Iera Odos 72 & Spirou Patsi)




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